Wednesday, 12 June 2013

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Holiday Shopping

Shopping Haul - Summer 2013 Holiday!!:)

I recently went shopping for my holiday in July. So I took some snaps to share with you all. :)

Teal/Mint Green Shorts - £5 from Primark
Hot pink/Coral Shorts - £5 from Primark
Trilby/Fedora - £6.99 from Internacionale 
Flip Flop Sandals - £2.99 from Primark
Purple Leopard Print Bandeau Dress - £12 from TU @ Sainbury's
Maxi Dip-Hem Dress - £16 from TU @ Sainsbury's
Acid Wash Jogger/Running shorts - £10 from Topshop
Orange Crop Top - £10 from Topshop (Petite)
Have A Nice Day Tee - £3 from Venue (Local Store not sure about store locations) Order from
Back Tie Shirt In Purple - £3.99 from Internacionale
Back Tie Shirt In Rainbow - £3.99 from Internationale
Ivory Bandeau - £3.99 from Internationale

Seems I have a trend with Internacionale clothing. Check out their store they ship internationally Also the two back tie tee's were on offer for 2 for £5. What a fabulous deal.

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