Friday, 9 August 2013

# Beauty

July Favourites. It's late! Sorry..

Just Pink Fragrance - Sinful Colors Nail Polish - Charlie Black Body Spray - Eyeko liquid liner - Simple Eye Maker Cleanser

Not only is it cheap as chips the scent is florally and flirty. Perfect for everyday wear. Ultimately one of my favourites. Retailed at £12. (Packaging has changed since purchased).

I'm a sensitive skinned girl so this is a life saver since half of my eye makeup doesn't not co-operate with me in the task of removing makeup. This is perfect for getting rid of any ounce of makeup not just for eyes. I purchased this in Tesco for 2 for 1. Paid a merely £3!

To read more about this nail polish - click here
This is my monthly favourite because of its subtle colour, The nail is in 'Mint Apple' and looks beautiful on the nails. £1.99

Picture of a bad quality.. (Sorry!)
The eyeliner has been my favourite since the end of June. It's easy to apply and the results are immense. The color is long lasting and has a task of slipping off. Perfect liner for school since it doesn't need much touching up.

This body spray shows the wild feminine side. I recieved this last November and it's lasted to the simpleness of having too many. I wasn't too keen on the scent but its grown on me. A great scent to show your tom boy side. Well Done Revlon!

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