Friday, 20 September 2013

# Lifestyle

What's happening?

So no blog post for a long time. Oh no!
Here's an update on life.
I've been getting out a lot more which is fantastic even if it is just a 6 hour trip to the park. This may sound super sad and over excited but we've been having a chatter about Christmas and Halloween. Since August 28th I've seen one Direction's this is us and I shall have a natter about it. About 3 weeks ago I have gotten a new phone since my wildfire broke. I am now on the HTC desire s which is fab for my snapchatting and Instagramming. I've been enjoying bad education and big school though big school is a big disappointment.
So what's next?
On Monday I have a mock exam for Maths
Thursday I have another maths mock exam and open evening at school.
Health and Social work.
Loads of French assignments.
Music solo performance.
Lots to do.

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