Sunday, 6 October 2013

# Hair

Braid updo

Basically this updo is easy to do if you know how to plait/braid and use bobby pins properly unlike me.
First you plait/braid you hair like you did as a child so you have bunches.
Then secure with clear elastic. Pull one the plaits/braids over past your parting and secure with bobby pins. Repeat this step and you're done. To make it look cuter take strands of hair and curl it to frame your face. Accessorise with a cute bow or flower and you're ready to go.


  1. Your hair looks lovely! I'm still a newbie at this hair branding business haha, maybe one day mine will look as neat as your :')
    Hope you're ok?
    Your newest follower,
    Laura xx

    1. Thank you!:)
      I'll follow you back
      Molly xx

  2. Awhh you're so pretty! That hairstyle is super cute aswel<3 Thanks for following btw, I love your blog :)
    Lucy xox