Sunday, 27 October 2013

# Beauty

Must Haves Before The End Of The Year


1) Makeup Academy Mosaic Blush - I must accumulate this to my collection. I bought it about 4 or 5 months ago and it was a fabulous highlight/blush colour. It didn't last very long as it hit pan after a few too many uses. It didn't even last to my holiday where I was intending to use it. Whoops! 

2) Maybelline Nail Polish - This is a lovely colour and as I want to venture into nail polishes as I don't ever paint my nails. This colour is gorgeous and compliments my bedroom (random comment) and will look nice with any outfit. It will also suit my 2014 prom dress which is fantastic. At £2.99 it isn't breaking the bank.

3) Real Techniques Stippling Brush - I have never used a stippling brush ever so I think I need one too my bad brush collection of cheap ones from Studio. These brushes are good quality and as I love Pixiwoo I must start collecting these brushes. At £11 I am expecting it too be fabulous! ☺

4) Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer Light - I have never used this concealer and everyone seems to have it. Collection isn't a brand I use on a regular basis as I only just bought the cream puff lip cream like 2 months ago and that is the only thing I have bought from Collection, formally Collection 2000. So, why not give it a try. £3.99 I am willing to spend.

5) Makeup Academy Blush Tint Stick Coral Beauty - The One Direction makeup has been absolutely brilliant. The lipsticks are beautiful and have a lovely creamy texture to it. I hope these live up to the same expectations as the lipstick. I will be thoroughly be disappointed if they're not what they're cracked up to be. Anyhow, the price isn't too bad and I'll probably love it just like the lippies.

6) Bourjois Healthy Mix Vanilla - No foundation has ever fit my skin tone. This one is the perfect match therefore I need it. Me being the palest person ever it is a huge task since Rimmel don't cater for the pale people. Though the match perfection does but that's rubbish anyway. This is loved by beauty gurus on Youtube so I hope I will like it when I choose to purchase it. The price is near to the expensive high street (drugstore) prices. 

7) Our Moment by One Direction - I feel like a 10 year old girl wanting this but I am a huge One Direction fan so it is understandable why I want it. The scent is floral and flirty which is what I look for in a fragrance. Whenever I am in Debenhams I spritz my self in the perfection which is Our Moment. I cannot wait any longer to get this perfume in my hands.

Are these worth buying? Tell me please.


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