Friday, 15 November 2013

# Beauty

MUA Lipsticks

Makeup Academy - Lipsticks

Shade 4: I am so disappointed in this lipstick. However, I am really silly to not have swatched it before buying it. The lipstick lacking the pigmentation I will use it as a gloss as the texture is really glossy and glides on lovely. For the first standard collection from this brand I was expecting more from it.

Totally Nude: My local superdrug has finally stocked up on the MUA matte lipsticks. Hooray! Finally more to the collection. This lipstick is a beauty for people with a pale complexion like me. For people with a darker skintone this is definitely a miss because it can look like 'concealer lips' which isn't something someone desires for. The colour is reasonably good and is a lovely nude. The matte finish makes this nude lipstick fabulous.

Peachy Keen: This has got to be my favourite lipstick out of all my recent purchases. It is a lovely corally colour and makes my lips pop! This picture doesn't do the lipstick any justice beside looking way too orange not the true colour. It is just lovely. As I said to begin with this is my favourite lipstick. So, I probably will be using this forever...until I use it all up.


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