Saturday, 30 November 2013

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Ombré Hair - L'Oreal Paris Préférence Ombré

Hi Guys

Today I took the plunge and ombré(d) my hair after a year of contemplating whether to go for it. Although people may see it as a summer thing but I honestly don't see it as a summer trend. Nevertheless it is gorgeous. Though it is more gingery than show on the box I think it looks better as it looks more realistic and gradual. The colour reminds me of the rolo chocolate dessert I had as a young un.  Do you agree? 

Anyhow the finish was a success. Although, my mum missed a chunk which isn't a huge disaster as it makes the look more wild which L'oreal wanted. But hey! She's not a hair professional.  . Application wise it was real easy. The brush was made it easy. I love how it turned as in my head I thought it would look like a straight line. 
Forgot to take a picture of the box. Silly me!

I stress that you must condition your hair as it begins to feel strawy and terrible. As I am new to this hair dying/bleaching business I was not aware of the smell of the hydrogen peroxide which made me want to vom and was not a lovely combination with a cold.

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