Sunday, 1 December 2013

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C2C ~ Baby It's Cold Outside TAG by makeupbychlo

Mmkay! I have recently got into watching videos made by beauty guru's that aren't too high up and too professional so I found makeupbychlo's channel which is quite fabulous so check her channel out. 


1.What's your favourite thing about the christmas holiday period? 
The good food. The lovely decorated tree. Also, the christmas shopping. Oh how I love to spend.

2. Does it snow where you live?

Yes, but not much like an inch or so. Still I get a snow day which I'm not going to moan about.

3.What's on your wishlist?

Just hair stuff because I'm getting money for the January sales.

4. Do you enjoy buying presents for others?
Yes, I love spending money on others. Plus, I buy things I want for people. So, I get super jealous.

5. When do you decorate your house?

December 1st. Can't be any other day.

6. Do you have a real or fake tree?

Real and fake. I have 2 christmas trees.

7. Favourite christmas film?

It's a wonderful life and Nativity because it's hilarious.

8. Favourite christmas song?

Do they know it's christmas and Mistletoe. Such good songs.

9. Favourite christmas scent?
Anything that smells like christmas trees. 

10. Favourite christmas drink?
I really don't know. But, I like tea. In a christmas mug.

11. What do you do on christmas eve/day?
Lounge around all day and go to church (sometimes) for carols and prayers at 7. Go to the pub and order chinese for dinner. 

12. Do you get dressed up or are you comfy?
Dress up. Christmas isn't christmas when you're not wearing your christmas dress.

13. AND FINALLY... Any wishes?
To have a better year next year.

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