Friday, 27 December 2013

# Beauty

Barry M ~ Nail Paint

Apologies for the photos. Couldn't take photos since the sky is grey and the lighting is absolutely terrible for all photos are from the Barry M website.

Peach Melba - £2.99
This nail polish is absolutely beautiful.
I can already see myself getting good use out of it as it is the most perfect pastel colour.
I think that it will be a wonder for the springtime. 
It applies nicely with one coat and looks amazing and glossy.
The colour pay off is brilliant as it looks super glossy and doesn't streak.
I will most definitely wear this to school as it is not too bold and out there.
Barry M Nail Paint Teal
Teal - £2.99
This photo does not do it any justice.
I just adore the colour.
The metallic touch just makes it a really nice look.
The colour pay off is amazing and just like peach melba it comes out in one decent stroke.
I am just hypnotised by the colour. 
Definitely a great colour for the party season.
Barry M Nail Paint Berry Ice Cream 308
Berry Ice Cream - £2.99
Another pastel colour. 
Again, another colour perfect for the spring/summer time. 
Another great colour.
Application is easy just like the rest of the polishes.
Tinsel Town
Tinsel Town - £3.99
For spending over £6 I received this for free.
 It has a thick formula and can be be used as it should as a top coat or alone with a few or (...alot) of coats.
I am mesmerised by all the different colours.
It looks like tinsel.
Considering it is called 'Tinsel Town' I guess I stand correctly.
I think I should have invested it before Christmas as it would have been lovely for my Christmassy nails.


  1. i love barry m! these particular colours are so gorgeous too! loving your blog as well, followed you on blogger, bloglovin and instagram, keep in touch lovely x

  2. The teal colour is the best (:
    - A girl staying strong xx