Friday, 6 December 2013

# Beauty

Fashionista - The Double Collection Mascara

 This mascara has had so many positive reviews on. But, I could definitely disagree with the almost five stars. 
 I thought that wow this mascara is great it has a base coat, don't see that with many mascaras.
 I cannot believe this is "Ultra Black" I was expecting this to cover the white base but no. Not at all.

The Verdict
This mascara is a massive let down. The base coat was the only thing that worked with this product. The colour and volume wand was a complete disaster as wand is too big for the small amount of product. However the base coat works well with my primark mascara which isn't brilliant.
I don't recommend if you want it for the colour and volume side of the mascara. However, I recommend it as a base coat. Which really made me disappointed with the product was that the white base and ultra black colour changed the whole product blue. What? MUA you have let me down.

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