Monday, 30 December 2013

# Beauty

What I got for Christmas 2013

This Christmas I was absolutely spoilt rotten. I got so much. Too much to put it all in a blog post. It would take ages to capture everything seeing as they are all away in their places. So here is a selection of gifts I have received. I am not bragging in anyway, I was a very lucky girl. ☺
 I super surprised when I saw that my Auntie, Uncle and cousins had got me 'Our Moment' the One Direction perfume. I may or may have not done a little dance of joy. *sprays perfume*. It smell fruity and florally. Although I really wasn't expecting this as most people in my family said it smelt cheap and was just another boyband

Also, some family from up north bought me a body shop gift set. I don't usually shop in the body shop because I don't really find the staff friendly in my local shop. However, this smells divine. I love anything peach scented. I don't know why but peaches have always been my favourite out of all scents.
I have been eyeing this book up in Tesco since it came out. I was refusing to buy it because it would be another book to my collection. However by the looks of it, it looks like a great read. Just need to find some time to get to read this baby.
I got a laptop! So, all these blog posts are going up via my bedroom rather than from the kitchen. It is so convenient. Although I share this with my sister I spend most of my time on it. Sorry but my blogging comes before games.)
I have the JLS perfume Kiss. Another boyband perfume. This also smells amazing. Almost like the One Direction one but with a little more of a floral scent than fruity.
My grandma and grandad bought me some One Direction lip balms. How cute. These shall go in my school bag. I'm am prepared for the looks from people when I whip these babies out.


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  2. The where we are book is great and the perfume smells great :) x