Thursday, 2 January 2014

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Happy New Year and Rambling On

(Due to privacy and bla bla blah I have to crop some people out as I don't have permission to show there faces on the internet for everyone. Except for 1 picture which is blurry so I didn't think it'll matter.)

Happy New Year! 
Hope you all had a great New Years Eve. Whether you were out partying or having a night in.
We through a house party and it was really nice seeing our close friends and party even if we made a mockery of ourselves setting the lanterns off. Another year gone, time seems to be flying by now. I officially in just under 5 months I will be taking my GCSE exams and leaving school. I always rant to people at school about how much I hate the place but I confess I will miss every there. So many people have helped me this past year and tried to help me get my life back on track after incidents that have occurred during the beginning of year 11. I can't picture myself in the big wide world choosing which steps to take. Go to college? Go to sixth form? Get an apprenticeship? To be honest now I'm getting irritated about post 16.

At school I am determined to get at least C's in my GCSE's because I'm struggling with the pressure put on me to do amazing in my exams. I'm not a miracle worker. I will definitely try and get at least 'B' in English, Psychology and Media Studies. In order to get me a space at my desired sixth form. I hope to take Psychology, Sociology, English Lit and Business studies at AS-level. I want to be a social worker or primary school teacher and take the university route. I also wish to retake my core science GCSE so I can get a better result.

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