Saturday, 11 January 2014

# Lifestyle

I passed maths!

I blanked the writing that is unimportant to all of you.

I cannot contain how relieved I am for passing maths! For years I have struggled with Maths. I've been through extra-tuition and nothing sticks in. Weeks leading up to the day of results I have been rather angst towards the result. I was particularity worried because in the mock exam I got a D (only 2 marks away from a C). I now have the reassurance and relief that I will never have to resit and use Pythagoras Theorem and Trigonometry until May. I've worked so hard for that exam and I got the results I wanted and needed to go to college/sixth form. The most nerve-racking part to getting the results was knowing that paper was terribly bad and something no one was expecting.


Non-Calculator - 37/100
Calculator - 37/100
Total - 74

Did any of you do early entry?
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  1. I did early entry when I was in year eleven and didn't pass then got a second chance march this year and passed! so I didn't have to worry about maths when it came to my exams. good luck! its hard work doing gcses but once there over its such a relief! xx
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  2. Congrats! Math isn't my favorites either

    xx, Cathy from