Saturday, 4 January 2014

# Beauty

NYX in NEXT - NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil

I literally was so happy when it was announced that NYX products would be in Next stores. After all the raves over the eye pencils in had to jump in and join the rave. This morning I popped to Next and came out with two eye pencils which came to a total of £10.
I picked up Milk which is every YouTube beauty guru's favourite and Sparkle Nude as it was a really nice gold colour which would be nice for dressy occasions.

625 Sparkle Nude
I wouldn't class this as a nude but I would say it was a nice shimmery gold. I think it would be beautiful for a dramatic party look or a formal event like a wedding, prom etc. I looks really simple on its own so I wouldn't define my crease when wearing this on a casual encounter. The texture is creamy so it is easy to blend out. I can see my self using this pencil on a regular basis as I wear gold eye shadow to school. Once the texture dries the colour won't budge. So, this product is ideal for long lasting wear.

 604 Milk
This eye shadow is so cliche everyone seems to have it in the beauty world but you can see why it is over used. It is so hard to find the perfect matte eyeliner/eye shadow so, this eye shadow covers every box. It is a great base for eye shadow and can look lovely used sparingly on its own. Today, I used it on my waterline and because the texture was smooth and creamy it easily glides on. This also is a great everyday colour as it can be used as a brow highlight, eye brightener and a eye definer. This eye pencil has so many multi purpose uses.

Top: 625 Sparkle Nude
Bottom: 604 Milk

The Verdict
This product is the definition of perfect when it comes to eye colour. They are easy to apply and most shadows are highly pigmented. The texture is so smooth for easy application so the product is mess-free and can be applied carefree. However, sharpening can be quite hard as their is no directions to sharpen for more product. Although I do know how to sharpen them. If you need a good eye liner/cream eye shadow then I would highly recommend that you use this eye pencil and will hopefully go out to by more of the range. 
All eye pencils were £5 ($4.50)
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  1. Do you know if their only available in certain Next stores?! As I really want to try these!!


    1. I believe they are in the majority of stores. I'm not sure about outlet ones though. :)
      Molly x