Saturday, 25 January 2014

# Beauty

Tesco Makeup - F&F & Barbara Daly

Lipstick - "in the pink"

This colour is gorgeous. Also, as the product claims it does last long and is highly pigmented. The texture is creamy and is lovely to apply. The colour is a lovely bright pink yet it is wearable for everyday. As I am not normal I smelt my lipstick. Yes I said I smelt it. The slight fragrance smells like marshmallows. I found that the colour did bleed but it's probably because I'm awful at applying it even though it's my favourite beauty items.
I found this at the clearance section in my Tesco store. I am very pleased with this purchase as Barbara Daly lipsticks are £7 and I managed to get it for £2.

F&F Cream Blush - Perfect Peach

I saw this and instantly fell in love with the shade. I didn't get on with this product as much as I was expecting. Partly because I don't get on with cream blushes. However, a positive to a negative is that it lasts long and feels so light on the skin. I found that the blush was easy to blend but I had quite clown(y) cheeks because of the brilliant pigmentation. The colour faded slightly when it dried into its power form so it didn't really matter. It would be absolutely fabulous if you need a highly pigmented blush and know how to work with them. I''m convinced that this line and the Barbara Daly line is the exactly the same items with a title to it. However, I cannot prove this until I try the other items in the ranges. Also, think that this brand is being discontinued as there aren't many of these products available in-store and online. 

Left: Barbara Daly Lipstick - In the Pink
Right: F&F Face Cream Blush - Perfect peach

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