Monday, 20 January 2014

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What I've Bought - January Sales

January 2014 is here and what's better than buying some new clothing. I cannot believe I went on a shopping trip without buying anything beauty related! I went on my lonesome as my mum, sister and brother went to toys r us and I wanted to browse the sales.
First, I went to River Island. I didn't want to spend too much as it was the first shop I went in. I thought practically as it is cold so I bought this maroon crop top. This will be excellent with my high waisted skirts so this will get so much use out of this. The sleeves are quite tight fitting. So, it can be quite uncomfortable and I would say this sizing is like the Topshop petite range. However, I think that the original price of £10 was steep. I got this in the sale for £5.  
I also went to Topshop and spent £8 on the frilly socks as I loved my mint green ones. I bought some wearable colours as my mint ones weren't practicable but they were super pretty and cosy. So, I bought them in grey, white and black.  
These tops are so pretty. Everyone seemed to wear them over the summer and I didn't go out to buy them. In the Internacionale sale I saw this turtle-neck crop for £1. The colour is so pink and vibrant so I will almost definitely wear this in the summertime. I bought this a size bigger as it was the last one in stock. So, this size 12 will be longer and show less stomach. For a quid I wasn't going to pass this off.
This photo makes this skirt look cheap and plastically. It really isn't. This maroon skirt will look perfect for the remaining wintertime. When I looked closely at the skirt I noticed a vintage damask pattern which made the skirt seem much cuter. I paid £7 and it certainly isn't £7 I regret.
Image - Credit to Topshop.

Also I bought this super gorgeous dress from Topshop. However, unfortunately it is so unflattering as it is quite tight around the bust area.
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  1. lovely purchases hun!

    also just letting you know i have a big beauty giveaway on my blog! its worldwide, and easy to enter xx