Saturday, 22 February 2014

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Brand Focus - Natural Collection

Natural Collection is a brand by Boots which sells products at an affordable price compared to their more luxurious brand No.7. This brand varies from £1.79 - £1.99. Everything is under £2. Boots puts on a special offer - Buy 3 items for £5. Cheaper than most leading brands.

 I cannot fault the blushes. I've had two in the past including this one. Peach Melba  and Rosey Glow. These aren't too highly pigmented which is good as you get a more natural finish rather a caked on look. Rosey Glows has got to be my favourite as it is a dark pink shade which looks lovely for a more dressy occasion.
Excuse the grubbly mascara tube. I'm such a clutz and cannot keep anything clear of product for longer than five minutes. I use this before applying a more lengthening and thickening mascara to make the curl last longer. It's isn't exactly waterproof but its formula does keep the curl lasting throughout the day.

 The eye shadow duos are 'so-so' their neutral shades aren't as pigmented as you'd expect but for the price their is no need to argue. I bought this for a brow powder until I bought a new eyebrow pencil. I still use this powder if I want a more powerful brow. If using this as an eye shadow I recommend using a liquid/cream eye shadow to set it into place. The light shadow in particular isn't the strongest of shades. However, the brown can be made more dramatic.

 I've bought this concealer numerous times and I really like it. It may not be the best at covering spots and acne but it sure can cover bad under eye circles.It has quite a pink undertone for my skin which highlights my under eyes as well as concealing the bags/circles. But, I've also heard people found it yellow toned. I guess it depends on your skin complexion.


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  1. I definitely need to try the duo eyeshadow, and I'll probably end up using it for eyebrows as well. Great post! X

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