Saturday, 1 February 2014

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January Empties.

From the Christmas/my birthday period I have received and purchased a lot of items. One thing I hate is when I run low on products and do not have the will power to repurchase. So here are the smelly products which are sadly no longer.
VO5 Ultimate Hold Hairspray
 I received this as a birthday gift from one of my lovely friends. It came in a box full of handbag essentials. Impulse, hairspray and Vaseline. I have loved this product in the 2 months I've had it and would repurchase it again. Although it is deceiving as it say it is weather resistant when it really isn't. The smell is pleasant for a hairspray but compared with my Boots Maximum Hold hairspray anything smells better. I liked this hairspray as it didn't leave my hair feeling stiff like straw and was easily brushed out. The packaging is so cute but anything pink is cute in my little world.

Leo Bancroft Blissfully Bouncy
 I also received this as a birthday gift. Truthfully I didn't think this was very good. I thought this was amazing the first time I used this and was almost tempted to buy this full size. After a few uses I found it made my hair really knotty and had difficulty to tame my hair. In honestly I did feel like a unkempt puppy. The product may not be brilliant but it sure did keep my hair smelling nice. Overall, I don't feel like this conditioner actually conditioned my hair. Full size retailing at £4 I don't think it achieves the salon feeling finish. I would try this again if I got it in a gift set again but I wouldn't buy it personally.

Ginger and Co Bodywash
 I received this from my friend for Christmas. It came in a trio of lotions. The scent left was berry and almond like and I felt the scent lingered on the skin. This product didn't even last a fortnight because I loved it so much. The packaging is so adorable and the 1940's inspired d├ęcor gives it personality. This brand can be easily compared with Soap and Glory. This product is available from Ulta for the American readers but I am unsure in where to buy this in the UK. 
I would definitely repurchase.

Leo Bancroft Totally Protected Heat Defence
 I have loved using this product so much. It leaves your hair feeling soft after using heat. This product has left my hair feeling visibly healthier. The small sample sized bottle depresses me as I wish their was some more product. I may have to treat myself to a new bottle when my Pantene heat defence runs out. The scent is somewhat fruity and is signature to the brand. I love this simplicity to the packaging as it looks professional and sleek. This sample size would be perfect for little overnight trips or holidays.

RCH - Strawberry Shower Gel  

This product is pretty standard. The scent was lovely but it didn't linger on the skin and was really unnoticeable. I love the packaging and it did leave my skin feeling smooth.  I don't think I will be using this again. 

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