Wednesday, 19 February 2014

# Beauty

Soap & Glory - Flake Away Body Scrub

I am very happy to post about my first Soap & Glory product. How exciting! As a lover of sweet scents and a crowd follower I had to try at least one of their products.

Flake Away Body Scrub
Firstly, the scent is lovely. From what I can describe it smells like rose and jasmine which makes me want to eat it. Too bad I can't or I might get a bad tummy. The Shea butter is so moisturising and gives you body a nice shine. The peach seed doesn't give a large scent to the product but along with the sugar it gives a lovely texture which applies smoothly to the skin.  The aim of the scrub is to polish and hydrate the skin. Personally I don't think it does that much and wouldn't choose to buy it again. I found that it irritates my skin on bad skin days and stings terribly. So piece of advice do not even use around broken skin. Common sense, I know but you can never be too careful. The colour looks almost muddy like a mud facial mask or lightly chocolated cake mix. Whichever sounds good to you. I love to use this product for days where I feel low and need a good pamper night to make me feel happy. 

"How do I scrub thee? Apply onto damp skin and massage in circular motions until most of the grains are gone. Rinse well." 

For £2.50 it is a lovely travel size item and the packaging is way too cute and girly not to pick up. You get 50 ml (1.69 FL. Oz) for the price which is plenty for a spa/pamper day. It's shelf life is pretty good too. 24 months gives you plenty of time to use the product. But, as the size is small almost like a sample it probably would be used up if you were to use this for your entire body. I use small amounts to make the product last a while longer, targeting at areas where I think need more TLC like my stomach and thighs as they're areas that are covered in cloth so don't get the treatment like arms and face do. 


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  1. i love everything soap and glory, especially the scrubs!

    Lucy | Make Up Your Mind

    1. The scrubs are amazing. I just need to try the rest of the line. :)