Saturday, 15 February 2014

# Lifestyle

What's in my Bag?

 Bag - Matalan

Little bit of a sneak peek. 

 I cannot go anywhere without my tablet. Kills boredom and keeps me occupied in long waits.

Considering the weather is terrible at the moment. Flooding and excessive rainfall. Welcome to England. Umbrellas are handbag saviours.

Makeup will go with me wherever I go and this Cath Kidston bag is so cute. A little grubby though.

Keys, Can't actually see my keys though. Too many key-rings. 

A large notebook. Cannot stand small ones. I write everything down in it. Here's some One Direction and Boyce Avenue lyrics.

This goes hand in hand with my notebook. A pencil case to store my rainbow pens and the classic blue and black ones.

My phone, my case is cute. Added a little sticker of a school bus too. Doesn't actually suit the dinosaur theme going on.

A easy to reach pen. I like pens.

Purse. Cannot leave the house without some dollar. I like this purse it's classy and looks so 20's.

Graze box voucher from Superdrug. Too bad they look too healthy for me.

A perfume just to add some scent or to refresh after a busy day out and about. 

Hair bands are scattered around my bag. Cannot comprehend how much I need one on me. When I'm stressed I need to throw my hair back. 


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  1. Love this kind of post, your make hop bag is so cute! x

    1. Glad you like it, I liked writing it too. Thank you I love the makeup bag too. :) xo

  2. Haha! You love pens? Jokes. Great post and I loooove your new template. Sweet!

    1. Oh Pauline, I'm in love with pens. I could marry them if I had the chance.

    2. Well Molly,Go ahead.You have my blessing! But the pen won't be happy once you find out that your just using it :-)