Friday, 7 March 2014

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Friday Post

This week has been very exciting! At school we took a trip to Bristol Zoo. It was an amazing day. We had a little talk which I ended up being a volunteer for an activity. How embarrassing! The coach we had a little debate on pronunciation like Primark (Prime-mark or Pre-mark) and advertisement (ad-ver-tis-ment or add-vert-ties-ment). It was hilarious. I bought lunch for everyone. Came two £4.20 for two bowls of chips. Pretty extortionate! We went through the easy maze. I bought gifts for my peers. Talk about an amazing friend!

On Tuesday it was flexi-day so we had different lessons based on revision techniques. It was a very good. We were motivated and learnt so much. The woman who did the talk was very down-to-earth and spoke to us as if we were friends rather than 'children'. Being treat like adults is the best as it wasn't a day of patronising.

The rest of the week went by like a blur.


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