Tuesday, 18 March 2014

# Lifestyle

Life caught on camera.

Karaoke - Sister's birthday. She's 13. Wow! Finally a teenager. Sang karaoke with my cousin. Was lovely! 
Our song repertoire
- Say eh oh ~ Tellytubbies
- Cha Cha Slide ~ DJ Casper
- Grease Megamix ~ Grease cast
- Mr. Brightside ~ The Killers

French Trip - We popped into our local town to study for our retake of our speaking assessment. Ended up taking selfies. Which is typical for 99% of our class. Not much productivity took place yet I am satisfied with my result. Sometimes intense study doesn't help. Socialising helps also.

Daisy dress - Collars are cute and so are daisies. So, the combination is so me. Definitely wearing this on Friday for sports relief. This dress is actually meant to be my sisters but it's far too big for her. Hence why I have it. I'm really criticising Primark's sizing. It's definitely not a size 6. It's even oversized on me.

Lush Bath - Fighting through my bath bombs. I used So white which smells like apples and creamy vanilla candy bubble bar. Was such a lovely bathe. 

Company Mag & Chocolate - Lovely read for the sunny days. Not to mention the cheeky slither of Terry's chocolate orange.

Sunny days - Recently the weather has been blissful. I am loving the warmth. I can finally have the courage to go outside without my 80 dernier tights. 


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