Sunday, 9 March 2014

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March Wishlist

Sorry I'm slacking with my blogging. It's all about preparing for those GCSE's at the moment. They are literally taking over my life. Meanwhile, here is a little wishlist for the month. (I probably won't get any of these items because I have no money).
1) MUA Blush - Lolly ~ Out of all the items I could possibly buy this. Honestly, I think I'm blushed out. However one more won't hurt anyone and it is a lovely natural shade. A great shade for everyday!

2) Cat shirt - Topshop ~ I've been wanting since I went into Topshop the other day. Such a humourous novelty item. Plus, who can't resist a cat shirt? So Tumblr!

3) Cut-out Boots - H&M ~ I am in love with cut-out boots. They're my weakness. Besides I don't have a pair. I love how they have a little height which comes in handy being 5"2 and a half. 

4) Pinafore Dress - Internacionale ~ I've been wanting a pinafore for the longest time ever. So, it would be an appropriate investment as I've thought long and hard about it. The silver clasp gives the element of a dungaree style. 

5) Meoow shirt - H&M ~ I nearly bought this apart from they didn't stock my size. The small didn't fit me and they didn't have extra small. Sad times! Maybe next time there will. Moving swiftly on. I love the colour as it isn't a dark vampy purple which I always seem to buy. I also fits in with the cat theme going on.


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