Sunday, 23 March 2014

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Sunday Post - Looking Back On My Life

It's me at 2/3 years old. I was so cute. I totally love the yellow puffy dress. So 90's/00's. Those ribbons in my hair. I used to love bunches and ribbons.

I was 3 here. I'm the third person. I look as if I'm shaking my tummy like Father Christmas. Even from a young age I've had my curvy thighs and my short height. Ballet was a big part of my childhood.
Oh, Molz. You have the utmost unattractive faces. Not doing myself any favours. I look like I'm doing my worst impersonation of Angelina Ballerina.
My first year at my second primary school. This makes me 7/8 and in year 2. I believe this was a remake of the elves and the shoemaker. I have no idea what was in my hands. I'm guessing it was a sponge. But, school plays were fun.
Year 6 Residential (2009). My suitcase massive. Like the biggest out of my year group. Some things will never change.
First day of secondary school (September 2009 - 11 Years Old). Oh golly gosh. My eyes look so massive. Such a nerdy looking girl. Looking back I'm just cringing at myself.  
I'm presuming this photo was from Year 7 (11 Years Old) as webcam quality. I can't even think of a person who uses their webcam for selfies any more. Before the make up came into my life.
Do you like my socks? Year 8 I started to realise that I was weird. So here's my spot'o'mediatation at my friends house. Block fringe regrets.
Thirteenth Birthday party. My eyes aren't even open. Not that they ever are with flash on.

Thirteen years of age. New Years Eve of 2010. I dressed up as a sailor for my fancy dress party. I look so grown up. Considering that I look about 6 in my photos. Notice that 'Molly Rules' sign? My friend Chloe made it for me.

Nintendo swag. Haha! Definitely Year 8 Molly! DSi selfies. My friend and her mother had a good laugh looking at this after deciding to post this on Facebook. I literally look so sad.

Acne started by now. London trip with school in Year 8. Definitely love this photo though. The landscape is so mesmerising. 
In Year 9 I got a shorter hairdo. I loved it, yet I hated it. I felt mature with the new length. 
I also went through the stage of ratty hair extensions which were all matty and in overall bad condition. I just cringe at the knotted plait.
London in Year 9. Back then I ignored the maintenance of my eyebrows. They're so sparse and overgrown. 
In Year 10. I had a really nasty skin irritation which people like to call eczema. It really effected me badly around my shoulders, legs and creases of the arms. This is when I became body concious.
Summer of 2013. Tenerife. 


Looking over many of photos of my life I have realised how much I have changed and how I've grown into the person I have become. I have been enlightened by these memorable photographs and had a good old laugh and cringe at my embarrassing memories.


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