Thursday, 3 April 2014

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Save The Blow Dry


 Today I was pleasantly surprised when I had noticed I'd had a lovely packaged addressed to me. It's kinda rare for me to get little parcels.

Truth be told I hate showering. Yes I do love showers but shampooing and conditioning is a bit of a chore. But, as I shower everyday I feel the constant need to wash my hair every time. Which of course isn't necessary.

Excuse the fall out :) 

My experience
I've had a really nice experience with the product and the colour is so cute. Sadly I had no photograph evidence which flatters this product. 
Now, I'm not one to use a shower cap because I don't believe they work. My hair seems to almost damp when I use one. However, this one is the exception the extra layer keeps your hair super dry. This is partly down to the towel keeping your hair dry as well as the two plastic layers. For this product to work to its best function use a hair treatment to give your hair the best love and attention it deserves. This shower cap is extra roomy for those with those with super long and lustrous hair. Evidently it was proven to be too large for my little head.
What I think

The quality is durable and the elastic is super soft and isn't scratchy on the head. This shower cap is amazing for it's quality. However, the worst thing about the product is the price. It's a hefty £14.95 but the quality is to die for. This product promises the protection of dryness unlike some of the cheaper brands on the high street. The pattern is so beyond cute - I love the usage of the hair tools as it's 'all about hair'. 

Where to buy?
This product is £14.95 and is a UK based company. With a small charge for shipping fees. Available online in pink and turquoise! 

This company is associated with Khandel Light - A charity helping people in India improve communities living in poverty. Providing lean water, basic hygiene and sanitation, decent housing, medical care and access to education (especially girls) which we should be grateful for in the UK. 

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