Friday, 4 July 2014

# Makeup

Makeup Don'ts

 Recently, I have been cringing at the many looks teenagers my age and younger are wearing. It looks incredibly silly and I'm surprised their parents let them out in public looking like a clown. I'm not saying that people shouldn't wear make-up like this. At the end of the day make-up is something creative and should have an individual twist but I don't believe that looking like a clown is the desired look.

When you get mascara, eye-liner or eye-shadow or anything dark in colour over you face in error. Never apply foundation or concealer over the top trying to be lazy. Wash it off with some eye make-up remover on a cotton bud and swipe over the mistake and POOF it's gone and you won't have random dark spots on your face as demonstrated on my cheekbone. This avoids loosing the make-up you have already applied.

Concealer lips - why do people still do it? It looks really silly. To me it looks very morbid and definitely not sexy or pretty. Reminds me of Casper the Ghost. If you want a nude lip - buy a nude lipstick which suits you skin tone instead of taking the cheap option which removes the presence of lips.

In this picture my eyes don't look too bad which defeats what I'm trying to imply but The reverse smokey eye is something I would never wear on a daily basis. Even if it was a night look I'd never wear it. I don't like how it doesn't give definition to my eyes. Keep it the right way round and you should be all good unless blending is avoided which wouldn't look good either.

Hair in eyelashes. I hate it very much. The fact you head hair is combined with the eyelashes is definitely not a classy look. To be honest it proves the laziness of a person who cannot be bother with pinning hair out of the face. A good example of this is me. I'm awful for it. 

Mascara residue on the bottom and top lashes. The annoying pay off of wet mascara on the eye lid and under-eye almost always happens to me, no matter how hard I try to perfect it. It doesn't exactly make you look presentable. The cotton bud trip works a wonder also on the eyes. It makes you feel like a proper make-up genius.

The year 9 makeup // What a mess!

Too much eye-liner can look a bit silly. I'm guilty for it.  Evidence above. My definition of my waterline and lower lash-line is a bit bottom-heavy. A little bit of eye-liner on the upper lash-line would have balanced the look out but still wouldn't look good because if I'm honest I look a complete mess. Same also applies to the excessive application of liquid/felt-tip eye-liner it can look as if you have no eyelid or just fancied to use the product as an eye-shadow. A heavy cat eye isn't my cup of tea but too much looks ridiculous on me personally (...and a lot of other people if I'm honest). Lots of people at my school wore make-up like this which makes me begin to wonder why they didn't have to remove it with a face wipe when teachers saw it because it's not environment appropriate.

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