Saturday, 19 July 2014

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You Are Worthy

We all have those awful days when you just don’t feel good and just wish that the ground would swallow you up. I’ve been there done that, got the life experience. I feel like I’m an expert when it comes to ‘feelings’ and emotions because I’m overemotional.   Here are some facts and tips to shake those negative thoughts and make you feel absolutely amazing and worthy.
   1)      It’s easy to compare yourself to others – For example if someone does better academically you may feel inadequate and just feel like opportunities are no longer open to you because of your performance. Everyone excels at different things, some things you may not even notice yourself. Remember something you might be jealous about someone else could be their insecurity, don’t dwell on it too much.
    2)      Negative comments from others – People will go out of their way to highlight your flaws and insecurities. The best thing is to make them not obvious and pretend it doesn’t affect you. I’ve had remarks made about my weight which is healthy for my age and height and been encouraged to ‘watch my weight’. Keep in mind that negative thoughts may be associated with somebody else’s insecurity. Don’t be too harsh if you are going to make conflict because of negative comments.
    3)   Mind – Your mind is worse than your worst enemy. You cannot escape it. Thoughts can convince you that ‘you’re not good enough’. Thoughts are thoughts you don’t have to believe them or take them too literally but that’s hard and you’d have to have no emotion to fully convince yourself. Put more time of day into the positive ones.
   4)  Positives outweigh the negatives – Positives in your life may be difficult for an individual to identify. I’m sure you friends and family will be able to convince you this. Back when I was in primary school we drew flowers with our faces in the middle and everyone had to write positives on the petals. It definitely helped us all to have good self-esteem. 
  5)  Talk to someone – You don’t have to talk about how you’re feeling.  Just chatting to someone when you are feeling low is sure to make you feel better. Taking you mind off negative thoughts for 5 minutes or so is 5 minutes of blissful moments of peace.
6)   Don’t push things back – Don’t reschedule or cancel plans because of the war with your mind. This will only push your thoughts around your friends and family which will make problems far worse. Don’t lose motivation for things you want to excel especially when it comes to education and work tasks. Getting into work will make you mind focus
 on its importance not so much on negative thoughts.
   7)  Don’t dwell on the past – Don’t loiter on the past experiences learn from them and improve from there. If
you remain embarrassed you’ll never dare to try new things.
   8) Stay away from Tumblr when you’re low – Tumblr is  basically a place for people to vent their feelings and
   thoughts and some can easily pass onto you than others. There are thousands of pages of depressing pictures and quotes which will trigger these bad thoughts. Someone else’s thoughts can be contagious.

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  2. I really enjoyed reading this, good post :)

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  3. Great post! x I feel like I listen to much to what other's say about me and then I overthink everything! It's exhausting

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    1. Overthinking is a killer! Thank you for the comment. :) xo

  4. This is a great post :) I think girls need to stay positive and to not listen to criticism and these tips are very encouraging!

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