Saturday, 23 August 2014

Cornwall 2014

Awoken at 6am by my dad and set off at 6:30 there was a groggy Molly! The journey to Hayle was 3 and a half hours which wasn't to torturous. Upon arrival we had a McDonalds breakfast, yum, yum! I had pancakes and syrup which cannot be beaten. After that we arrived at St Ives Bay where we were staying, obviously we arrived before check in so we went to the onsite beach entrance. We battled through the steep sand dunes and went splish-splashing in the sea and I got absolutely drenched, I decided on wearing a dip-hem dress so it was really hard to keep the dress dry. Then the rain belted down so we had to face going uphill to the car. I changed into a vest top and made a makeshift skirt using my hoody and denim jacket. We went to the restaurant/canteen area and grabbed a bowl of chips  and ice-creams to feed our hunger. It was then time to check in and we went to the takeaway van which was conveniently opposite to our static caravan. We then hit the onsite entertainment which was a welcoming karaoke. I didn't sing. there was no chance of that as I would literally kill everyone with my singing. The first night was an early one considering the early start.


Early start again but not so early. I awoke at 7:30 after an disturbing night on the sofa bed. I had some cheddars for breakfast. We embarrassed ourselves when we went to the Lidl an hour early so we had to go to Tesco and went in-store and bought a diet coke, make-wipes and giant buttons. Tesco are currently supporting the Coca-Cola #ShareACoke campaign so I had a label printed for my coke. I got 'Mollinda' printed onto it (my princess name). I was complimented for my flower crown from one of the promoters, I was super flattered. Back onsite we went swimming and made chicken sandwiches for lunch. We then spent the remainder of the day chilling out. 


We went to St Ives for the day. We caught the train because apparently it is a nightmare driving through the town as it "feels like driving on the pavement". The town was pretty and the shops were designer which isn't friendly for an average teenager but I still picked up something from Cath Kidston (It was the cheapest thing in store, lol).


We spent the whole day on-site at the beach. It was the hottest day of the week. We went body-boarding and caught some wicked waves. Had a yummy picnic with sandwiches with far too much butter, the way I love them. 


We spent a couple of hours at the beach. There was a higher tidal wave so we caught some amazing waves. The dunes... well with the amount of stuff we had we had sore backs. We then went to Penzance for shopping and picked up barely anything but was planning to grab some things from the small shopping centre near us where there was a fantastic boots so I grabbed some necessities. 

We decided to pop down to Newquay to go to Blue Reef aquariums. We saw sea-turtles, rays which smiled at us, sharks, clownfish etc. I hate fish, I find them so disturbing but it was fantastic. We went to this cute bakery/coffee shop called Nile which sold yummy cakes and sandwiches. 

With our bingo winnings from Friday night we decided to go and spend the day at Flambards which is a small theme park. It was quite quiet and it rained. We ran around like headless chickens. No word of a lie. In my defence it was raining. The evening entertainment for the evening was a vocalist entertainer who really got the audience involved. The evening was a magician who I've seen now 3 times. Still mesmerising every time.

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  1. Cornwall is so beautiful, I love it there so much! Good post:)