Friday, 22 August 2014

GCSE Results

I'm in the newspaper tomorrow!
GCSE results are out in the open. Many have done exceedingly well and let's say some have been quite awful but let's blame Michael Gove for every bad result. Us as Year 11's have had the bad end of the government changing the way GCSE's are taken from grade boundaries to the conduction of the exam and to think we are the guinea pigs of linear exams I think we've done tremendously well despite the messing around. I am extremely infuriated by the English grade boundaries, they were ridiculously high, they were probably at an A-level boundary. I've passed most of my subjects apart from French which I flunked as I struggled with foreign languages but it's cool I don't plan on going to France any time soon. I mean how many tenses? I was real confuffled. 

I hope everyone received the grade they wished for!
I wish you all luck in the next chapter of your life.
Hard work well and truly pays off.

With love


  1. Congratulations! Yes, I agree we have been doing practices and his put it way too high and his changing the whole system!

    Good Luck with everything x
    Rebecca | Blog

    1. Good job he was removed as minister of education in July, just too late to save my education. Thank you!xo

  2. all in all, exams suck!

    check out my latest posts? PS if you have any questions about college/ secondary school please leave them in my latest post :)

  3. Good to know you've passed most of your subjects. In my country during the time of my parents, there was a Spanish subject because we were invaded by the Spaniards, but currently they've removed it from the curriculum so we don't need to take it. We won't be able to use it anyway.