Saturday, 16 August 2014

Rambling Thoughts // Exam Results


Next Thursday is the day on GCSE results and anxiety is running high for many 15/16 years olds. The hopes and dreams of achieving a set of results which determine the path they take on to Post 16, whether that is securing a place at sixth form or setting of to college to take on a vocational course.

Thoughts whizzing around in my head
  • How am I going to get anywhere in like if I fail French, I can't even say Hola amiga/amigo! Why did I even take GCSE French?
  • What am I going to wear? Should I just wear a bin bag to disguise the comfort eating which summer causes?
  • I'm breaking out so badly because of stress, should I do everyone a favour and wear a paper bag over my head. 
  • What am I going to do if my grades are low, how do I tell my friends? How do I tell my family or whoever? 
  • If I fail, what quote should I use to sound like a smarty-pants?
  • What if my grades are lower than the predictions?
  • What if everyone has forgotten who I am because I live under a rock?
  • She studied longer than me the day before the exam, I knew I should've crammed every last detail of Gestalt and Gregory's theory into my head.
  • I reckon I could have better in my Biology exam if I remembered that 5 minutes earlier not when the exam is no longer.
  • If I just scrape a 'C' at GCSE, how am I going to cope with A-level. I knew I should have started A-Level revision in Year 1.
  • What am I going to do when everyone posts their results on Facebook. Should I practise putting my head down in shame?
  • What if everyone remembers I'm short, they're going to tower over me with their long legs. 
  • What am I going to do when someone's crying about a 'B' being disappointing, what am I going to do when I get a 'D' in Science?


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  2. I really like your post! We don't have exams like that, but I feel the same before every test and I hate it! :) I really missed reading your posts when I wasn't home :)

    Love,Sara Wallflower

    1. Awwww, it's sweet that you've missed my posts. :) Heart is swelling!♥ Part of everyday anxiety I'm afraid.

  3. Hi Molly, i remember being in school and feeling the exact same way. I was told because i wasn't great at maths, i could never go to university. And here i am, now starting my Masters degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice. If you believe in your self that's all that matters.

    1. I believe I will do well but I'm just kinda following the jokey route. Haha!:) Best crack jokes to avoid disapointment. I also am terrible at maths, go away Pythagoras Theorem!:) xo

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