Thursday, 7 August 2014

Rant // Cars & Dangerous Driving

Source // We Heart It
Cars, we need them in everyday life whether we are using them to drive to work or begging for a lift from your mother. They’re perfect for those with busy lives. However alongside with these perks are the negative factors of vehicles in general. This post was triggered by the incidents of the other morning. A lot of people in my local area seem to think the law and the Highway Code doesn’t apply to them so roughly 70% of them do whatever they please even if they could cause potential harm to drivers and pedestrians. Walking the streets the other morning was a need death experience. Cars were whizzing around like they owned the streets with the unruly drivers which enjoy competing like wild animals. I was walking to the zebra crossing like anyone who has been educated in road safety but yet 5 or 6 cars drove whilst I was waiting to cross. Cars should really give people the right of way when it comes to pedestrians because a car can be damaged and the drive can be safe if not a little bit bruised but when a car ignores the road guidelines they can kill the victim of their road crimes. Once that little incident was over and done with I thought “this might be a one off” then I had to cross yet another road. The pelican crossing, the one with the green man and the red man (if you’ve forgotten the Highway Code), I pressed the button thinking there is “no way I’m going to be danger” but no. The traffic lights turn red, the green man comes on and a man thought he would rev his engine and whiz pass the crossing with a blind-eye. This is not how pedestrian crossings work or have I been educated in some sort of Martian road safety within the British Primary/Secondary education? Thing is it wasn’t like I was out during rush hour when the majority of drivers turn into road raging headless chickens, it was lunchtime when most employed men and women are in work. This then triggered lots of judgemental thoughts about the drivers in their vehicles. Were they college students enjoying their summer with the peer pressure of their friends? Were they F1 fans who used their car like they were doing laps of the track? Or perhaps they were daredevil stunt drivers who did those awesome car tricks? In all serious if you are a maniac on the road or know someone who is, stop (them). Driving like a fool could end an innocent life. Whether you collide with another driver or knock over a pedestrian, don’t let dangerous driving cause a lifetime of guilt. 



  1. Great post! I drive myself and I think is appalling the amount of ignorant drivers on the road. Even if you're a pedestrians or a driver, roads are not safe anymore!

    Natalie xo

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  2. Cute blog and very well said :)

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