Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Back to School // How to revise effectively for all years

1) When munching whilst revising it's important to eat healthy and nutritious foods. When eating healthy food it keeps your brain functioning sufficiently which fatty and sugary foods do not aid in. Brain food equals better exam performance.

2) At the end of the school week dedicate an hour on Friday/Saturday/Sunday to go over work you have done that week so you can quickly recap and get a better understanding on work you struggle with.

3) Use fun sites for revision to keep you engaged and motivated.
  • https://www.samlearning.com/ [Schools buy this.]
  • http://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ [KS1, KS2, KS3 and GCSE]
  • http://quizlet.com/ [Flashcards and games generated by your flashcards]
  • https://www.examtime.com/ [Flashcards, mind-maps, quizzes and a revision planner]
4) Make your notes eye-catching, go to town on cute post it notes, pens, highlighters and stickers. The more appealing the more you'll look at it and take in the notes.

5) Use past exam papers - Exam papers have all the content you will need to know in the test so crack the recurring patterns and make sure that you are learning and revising the right content. 

6) Give yourself leisure-time. It is important not to spend too much time in front of your notes and not putting yourself first. Health is important. Don't stay in a stuffy room all-day, it isn't healthy at all. Get some fresh air!

7) Create a new user profile on your PC or laptop. Restrict websites using internet add-ons to stop you from going on irrelevant websites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc.

8) Keep everything organised, make sure each subject unit is properly filed in the right place so you know where everything is when it comes to revising before exams.

9) Break your revision down. Revise maybe 30 minutes at a time and have 5/10 minutes break between topics. Give your brain time to absorb the information.

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  1. Hey Molly! Thanks for the tips! These'll come in handy, especially this year. I'm thinking about getting the Quizlet app to help me with Spanish class... what do you think?