Sunday, 26 October 2014

Before 2015 // Blog Goals

I know this post seems early says the girl who's scheduling christmas posts. I have decided to devise a small little list, almost like a 'to do' list to mark goals I want to achieve before the new year. However, this is no before next bucket list. I'm not being that cliché yet. This is just a strictly blogging related one. Smiles all round at least pour moi!

♥To host a small giveaway before the Christmas season! To share the festive spirits with you all. ♥
♥ To reach at least 50 followers on GFC, that would be marvellous! ♥
♥ To keep talking to blogging pals, so we don't slip away. ♥
♥ Exchanging blog posts with a fellow blogger. ♥
♥ To inspire people. ♥
♥ Be more consistent with blog posts. ♥


  1. Great post and yes I'm already scheduling Christmas post! Anyway if you ever want to swap blog post let me know!

  2. Great idea and great post! I have no doubt you'll fill everything on that list!!

    The Life of Little Me