Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Pressure Perfect

I guess I'm thankful that I was never pushed to strive to achieve things I was uninterested by. If I did I think I'd be resentful for the high expectations put on my shoulders like a burden. I've watched friends being pushed around by these expectations of being athletic and academic. You don't need A*'s to be successful in life but it is a nice little thing to put on your CV. At the end of the day everyone has a talent and it doesn't have to be educational or sport orientated. Sometimes vocational activities are what you do best.

I find if you study A-levels you get pushed down the university route because high education is what sixth form colleges expect but don't feel that it has to be in your future. You might find enjoyment in other areas such as higher apprenticeships or full-time employment. Happiness is key to future success!

Pushy parents are putting too much pressure on their children to do incredibly well. Aiming high is always good but who would rather have child who was good at everything yet unhappy with the flow of things.

"In order to succeed you must be happy otherwise you'll live years in doubt." - A little quote by Molly how lovely?


  1. I totally agree with all of this. I always feel sorry for people who have extremely pushy parents. Also sixth form colleges should accept the fact that some people don't want to go to uni. If you feel like not going then you shouldn't be pushed to go. x

    1. And this is why people drop out of university.

  2. I also agree with this. I provide an apprenticeship recruitment service and all too often see young people being channeled down the higher education route because it suits the school or college they're in rather than the individual. It's such a shame, because by the time they drop out of university it's often too late to get the apprenticeship they want.

    It might interest you to know that I also write articles on the subject. You can find them at

  3. I completely agree with you on this. There is already enough pressure from teachers and society in general. Let alone parents and family members. Really great post. I also tagged you for a tag, and yes I said tag twice in a sentence lol. All the info is in my post. Hope you do it, I would love to see it!