Saturday, 25 October 2014

The Lost Generation

When we were younger we longed for the silliest, most exciting and most unbelievable future. Marrying a prince and living in a castle with lots of towers and turrets signifying the perfections of life. Then that idea disappears from your six year old mind and now you dream of being a doctor, a teacher, a policeman, a fire-fighter, an astronaut and highly respected roles in society. Only one could wish for. The days when you believed that you could be rich and famous without doing anything and could buy anything we wished for, the days you could change your mind in a heartbeat, the days when nothing mattered as long as you had butterfly clips in your hair. It seems like forever ago when I was able to be content playing Polly Pocket on my lonesome in my purple bedroom oozing with imagination.  Back in the day when Cbeebies and CITV was crammed with classics which kids loved like Bill and Ben the flowerpot men, Noddy, Come Outside and you get the picture. When we were younger we weren't vegetating in front of tablets and had to use a desktop PC to play our Fisher Price games and the times when we had to spend long minutes waiting for the installation. Who remembers the day when every kid had a cassette player with two microphones from the Early Learning Centre? Now as I've grown older and perhaps wiser I've realised childhood has changed massively and is almost a distant memory. Witnessing 6 year old's experimenting with cosmetics or being mesmerised by tablets and mobile phones is your common sight. It’s extremely saddening watching our current generation going from Infancy to Adolescence in a blink of an eye. Life’s moving too fast and children are growing past their years ever so quickly. A little kid’s world of toys, fun and games is disappearing in a world of technology. Then again I dreamt of a double-life like Hannah Montana.


  1. This is too true! I don't think I was alive at the time of cassettes and microphones, but I do know that I was obsessed with Hannah Montana and polly pockets and Barbie. So it is sad seeing 6 year olds today wearing makeup and carrying iphones. It was sad when I was 6, talking about boyfriends and crushes. Sometimes I wish my childhood had been more childlike. Imagine what it's like for those 6 year olds today...

    The Life of Little Me

  2. I still remember those days haha! I was just in kids store last week and I almost cried by looking at all the toys. :) But kids these days are just growing too fast.

    Love,Sara Wallflower

  3. I absolutely adore this post! xxxx