Friday, 21 November 2014

Blogger Vs Wordpress

Hi there!
Today I will be discussing my likes and dislikes of Wordpress and Blogger. Each site is didn't for others. As an user to both of the sites I will enlighten you on positives, grievances and what would further improve the platforms.


  • Easily customisable pre-made themes.No need to mess with HTML.
  • Reliable as it's a Google service.
  • 100% free unless using 3rd party blog themes and customisations. 
  • Ad-free unless you are using AdSense in which you allow. 
  • Straightforward to use change domain to your own pre-paid.
  • Posts appear on Google search engines.
  • Basic overview of traffic and demographic information.
  • Mobile compatibility.  
  • Easy to design, drop and drag to make changes.
  • A range of simple gadgets.
  • You don't own your blog since you abide by Google's terms and conditions. They have every right to remove your blog if it breaches the contract. 
  • Limited range of free themes.
  • Limited storage.
  • A professional and 'serious' blogger appearance.
  • The responsibility for your blog as a whole. 
  • Large range of free themes.
  • A range of WordPress theme designers.
  • WordPress will display ads on your page if you are a free user.
  • Background knowledge of HTML and CSS <-- li="" nerdy="" talk.="" techy="">
As a relatively new user to WordPress I have found that is completely alien to me being very technical. I have found blogger more user-friendly but that is clearly biased. I would recommend blogger as a service purely for casual and non business use unlike WordPress which is ideal for companies and individuals who can afford the keep and want a professional image.


  1. To be honest, I thought about moving to wordpress. I wasn't too sure though. But I think it's too complicated for me. Great post by the way. It really shows the reality of those sites.

    Mary x

  2. I never considered using Wordpress because I'm crap at all that I.T technical stuff, Blogger is just so much simpler to use. x

  3. I'm the worst at anything technical, so I guess I'll just stick with Blogger! :)

    Sara Wallflower