Friday, 28 November 2014


In no means order here is my month in a nutshell. 
  1. Basically showing off my Primark shopping. Releasing my inner love for friends and basically telling you to pop in and spend £6 of your hard earnt money.
  2. Birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay was last Wednesday. Absolutely fantastic was a right laugh at bowling with my college at Sixth Form. I am a world champion at bowling. 18 gutter-balls and 2 strikes. Let's just say I'm fantastic and leave it there. 
  3. Selfie with Chloe because it's my birthday but noooooo she scribbles her face out. Shall tag her in potato pictures on Instagram for revenge.
  4. Children in Need day. Raised heaps of bare cash in aid of children in poverty, with disibilities and disadvantaged backgrounds. Definitely a worthy cause and a great excuse to dress up like Tinkerbell. 
  5. Another showing off photograph. Just flaunting the new blonde wig for my Children in NEed costume. 
  6. My Kate Moss dress finally arrived and I shall write a post venting my poor customer service with Definitely wasn't amused. Anyhow this dress for graduation on November 20th. Catching up with pals from secondary school. Too bad I don't miss many people. Shows your real friends.
  7. Me and Georgie on the bus that will kill us one day. A whole in the roof and consistent breakdowns. Get with the times Stagecoach school buses. No one likes condensation on the seats and a wet derrière. 
  8. Me, Jaz and James showing off our attractiveness with our Snapchat buds. Literally we look extremely frightening. Too bad Halloween isn't in November. 
  9. Excuse my friends. 

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