Friday, 7 November 2014

Reasons Why I Love November

My collage skills on Paint are atrocious,

  • My Birthday is 2 weeks-ish, a bit of vanity. Plus, I have my driver's provisional licence. Fun times!☺
  • The charity of the month. Remembrance day, Movember and Children in Need. A brilliant time to be charitable people.
  • Bonfire night, fireworks and magical malarkey.
  • Officially acceptable to be dreamy eyes on Christmas merchandise, gift sets and the whole lot pretty much.
  • Another Christmassy thing is the advertisements. The unveiling of the John Lewis adverts and other iconic ads like Coca Cola. The festive season doesn't start till the Coca-Cola ad is on screens. 
  • Toasty under the duvets snuggling down to movie on a cold night.
  • Changing of the leaves. 
  • Fluffy jumpers and scarves. 

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  1. Christmas is pretty much the only thing I'm looking forward the whole autumn! :)

    Love,Sara Wallflower

  2. November is one of my favourite months!

    Plus, you're in my favourite blogs post! :)