Monday, 22 December 2014

Currently // Christmas Edition

Watching: I am watching a load of Christmas movies like Elf and Grinch. Definitely in true Christmas spirit!
Eating: Custard and Cheese Melt Dipper from McDonalds. Not together like Matt Smith's fish fingers and custard. I'm far too lame for that.
Drinking: Cold milk because it's lovelyy! Blue cap for the win!! Featuring Tesco whole milk!
Listening: Band Aid  - Do they know it's Christmas, it's a classic!
               Pogues ft. Kirsty Maccoll - Fairytale of New York, It make Christmas. Christmas.
Loving: All the decoration malarky in my house. It's all festive and cosy. Loving it way too much but it's Christmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!
Wearing: My Friends T-Shirt and a pair of leggings. I'm not going anywhere, full stop.

Reading: Nothing right now but I'm determined to finish 'It's not fair (pdf) or It's not fair (book)
But its not fair
Browsing: The general blogging pages and Facebook profiles, nothing has changed.
Enjoying: The elf videos, they make me laugh hysterically.

Wishing: Christmas comes fast, can't wait till everyone is happy and no-one is stressing!


  1. Loving the christmasy mood :) hahha

  2. Omg I am dying at the elf pictures. You are too funny. Really cute and festive post!!

  3. The doctor who gifs made my day. Brilliant post Molly x

    ~Katy Summers (TeenageBlogger)