Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Makeup Revolution Lipsticks - Review

Makeup Revolution is cropping up in many Superdrug. Only recently I've found that my hometown has the stand and that makes me so happy! However, before the stand came I had to travel to get them. Every beauty blogger loves lipstick more than anything so pretty much every beauty blog has featured these lipsticks so here I present my cliché blog post on these bright lipsticks. 

The Product
The lipstick has a glossy, apart from the matte shade, consistency which looks so pretty on the lips. The brand ventures to the bright and daring shades with many vampy, scarily bright, 'scandalous' shades in which I picked up 5. So, the scandalous shades have got to be my favourites of the lipstick line. I picked up the scandalous shades 'Vice' and 'Depraved' and they are extremely pigmented and have the best pay off on the lipstick. 'Vice' is very true to it's colour and is definitely a great colour to spruce up a look or simply experimenting different styles to be out of the ordinary. It feels like it's been forever since I've been looking for a good orange lipstick and I guess I've found it but unfortunately it doesn't suit. Probably because of my very auburn "ombré". 'Depraved' is pretty bright when swatched however on the lips the colour pay off is more of a beautiful lilac colour. Then I've got the matte shade 'Beloved' which is a very pretty light Barbie pink colour which looks very gorgeous on however I do not like the texture of it. If I'm honest I do not like matte lipsticks and I avoid them at all costs. I found the lipstick rough and difficult to apply and found the lipstick to pull on my lips to get the colour on my lips. The colour doesn't seems to stay long on the lips and the colour to be flaking of my lips which is definitely not good if your out for the night. Then I've got two colours from the regular line 'Crime' and 'Luscious'. 'Crime' is my ultimate favourite shade partly because it's bright and looks fantastic on but it also has amazing lasting power on my lips and the colour is definitely the most pigmented out of the five I bought. 'Luscious' is more of a more wearable shade in comparison to 'Vice' but still just as much as a statement to a look. 

 The packaging quality is okay but it's what you get for the price. If the lipstick has just been tossed into your handbag you can expect the brand name to fade away and the stickers to peel away. Also, I would suggest being more cautious about it being loose in your bag as the packaging has the tendency to not do it's job right and the lid to no longer protecting the lipstick. So if you don't want lipstick stained lining in your bag put it in a makeup bag and don't be lazy like me. 

The Verdict
Overall, the lipsticks are pretty good quality for the price paid for them all together coming to £3.80 (with student discount otherwise £5.) They're long-lasting, pigmented and a huge range to choose from so it's definitely worth picking up. I can definitely see myself buying many more but they won't beat my all-time favourite lipsticks by Rimmel. 


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