Weekly Wonders

  1. I did the opposite of fail today, I passed my driving theory test! I'm super happy about that because I was sure I was destined to fail it.  

 2. The beautiful weather is a great delight. It's been wonderful embracing the lovely sun whilst splashing in the paddling. The heat isn't great at night or on the sweaty bus. Imagine the amount of teenage body odor on that tin can.

3. I've had the absolute delight of reading Amy Poehler's memoir 'Yes Please'. She is my current girl crush, she just inspires me so much. So far so good, perhaps I might recommend it to you.

4. Thank you Netflix. This interrelates with Amy Poehler. Lots and lots of Parks and Recreation = one happy girl.

5. Costa iced fruit coolers, the holy grail beverage of every summer possibly until I find somewhere better. The mango and passionfruit one is the ultimate best.


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